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dimanche 28 septembre 2008


Do you care O God for your child?
He is left alone; he is yours, not mine!
All day, he has his eyes on a screen,
He is hiding from everyone not to be seen!
Yesterday, his whole life was in your hands,
His love for You seemed to have no end,
What happened to this beautiful child?

Before he was born,I was praying for this child,
I asked you to take him under your wing,
I named him Samuel, so he could hear your voice,
He was a gift to us,very young he had made a choice
To be your son,to follow you;now he does not hear you ring
I want to love him,but how can I take care of your child?

It is your turn O God to carry him, to love thy child!
Soon, he will be a man and he is walking astray,
He is lost in his mind,but you will make a way
For him to go back to You,take him in your arms
I don't want him to be hurt,protect him from any harm
Come and meet him where he is,he is scared that child!

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